Trump's Record

Failed COVID-19 response

The Trump administration’s early denials of the severity of the coronavirus and its subsequent botched pandemic response led to a public health disaster with more than 400,000 American lives lost and over 22 million people infected by the time Trump left office. 

  • Sidelining science: The Trump administration’s political meddling at the CDC, HHS, FDA, and other agencies put Americans at risk and likely shielded critical information from the public. 
  • Lying and downplaying the virus: While Trump admitted to downplaying the severity of the coronavirus, he and his administration also plainly lied to the American public about the pandemic, including about how long it would last, the efficacy of the federal government’s response, and the severity of the disease. 
  • Failed response efforts: The Trump administration’s failure to implement a coherent national strategy led to delays that worsened outbreaks. Further, states across the country struggled to acquire necessary PPE and ventilators from the federal government while COVID-19 spread largely unchecked across the country.